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Join Audrey Colvin and Kevin Hensley for live Robbinsville Black Knights athletics, brought to you by The Graham Star!

The Graham Star Sports Network

Launched in August 2022, The Graham Star Sports Network is the next chapter in the evolution of your only local media source providing the very best coverage of Black Knights athletics! As the year rolls along, so will the site, as it will reflect the current sports season (fall, winter and spring). Feel free to look around and we invite you to join us on this journey! 

-Publisher/editor Kevin Hensley

Kevin Hensley provides play-by-play during each Black Knights telecast. A 2015 graduate of Kennesaw (Ga.) State University, Kevin has spent over 10 years in the field of journalism. He has television and production experience, and honed his broadcasting skills by calling football and basketball for his home high school in Gilmer County, Ga. In 2008, he began ring announcing for pro wrestling and continued until 2012, before returning to the role in 2021.


Asked in early 2021 to step in midway through the COVID pandemic to provide play-by-play for Knights basketball, Kevin picked up the reins of broadcasting Robbinsville athletics and never looked back.


"Even after living in Graham County for three years, I still continually am amazed at how wonderful this community is. This truly feels like home to me and I feel privileged each time we go live to be the voice of Black Knights athletics."


Kevin is the publisher/editor/sports writer of The Graham Star. Since moving to North Carolina in 2016, he has won 17 awards from the N.C. Press Association, divided between both sports and news reporting, as well as sports photography.

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