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Robbinsville Black Knights Football 2023

When it comes to assigning a prime example of "tradition," look no further than Black Knights football. With 14 state championships since 1965, Robbinsville is always in the conversation for deep playoff runs. The 2023 installment features 12 seniors and perhaps the strong backfield depth in history. Former Black Knight Dee Walsh has coached Robbinsville to its last two state crowns (2014 and 2019) and is back at the helm this year.

Black Knights Football: Players
1, Zeke Silvers.jpg

#1, Zeke Silvers

Senior; Wide Receiver/Cornerback

2, Chase Calhoun.jpg

#2, Chase Calhoun

Senior; Running Back/Linebacker

3, Luke Lovin.jpg

#3, Luke Lovin

Sophomore; Quarterback/Defensive Back

4, Cuttler Adams.jpg

#4, Cuttler Adams

Senior; Running Back/Free Safety

5, Darion Ledbetter.jpg

#5, Darion Ledbetter

Junior; Wide Receiver/Cornerback

6, Bryce Adams.jpg

#6, Bryce Adams

Junior; Quarterback/Outside Linebacker

7, Blake Powers.jpg

#7, Blake Powers

Junior, Wide Receiver/Defensive End

8, Caden Lail.jpg

#8, Caden Lail

Junior; Wide Receiver/Cornerback

9, Kyzik Teesateskie.jpg

#9, Kyzik Teesateskie

Sophomore; Wide Receiver/Cornerback

10, Tanner Hedden.jpg

#10, Tanner Hedden

Junior; Running Back/Middle Linebacker

11, Donovan Carpenter.jpg

#11, Donovan Carpenter

Senior; Quarterback/Free Safety

12, Quinn Jumper.jpg

#12, Quinn Jumper

Junior; Running Back/Middle Linebacker

15, Roman Jones.jpg

#15, Roman Jones

Junior, Running Back/Outside Linebacker

17, Cooper Adams.jpg

#17, Cooper Adams

Junior; Running Back/Cornerback

20, Dalton Hill.jpg

#20, Dalton Hill

Senior; Running Back/Defensive Back

23, Isiac Collins.jpg

#23, Isiac Collins

Sophomore; Fullback/Middle Linebacker

24, Tillman Adams.jpg

#24, Tillman Adams

Sophomore, Wide Receiver/Cornerback

26, Andrew Adams.jpg

#26, Andrew Adams

Sophomore, Wide Receiver/Cornerback

33, Kage Williams.jpg

#33, Kage Williams

Senior; Running Back/Outside Linebacker

42, Ryelon Waldroup.jpg

#42, Ryelon Waldroup

Sophomore, Running Back/Middle Linebacker

44, Justin Jones.jpg

#44, Justin Jones

Senior, Tight End/Defensive End

45, Dalton Wiggins.jpg

#45, Dalton Wiggins


50, Dayne Webster.jpg

#50, Dayne Webster

Junior; Center/Defensive Tackle

52, Danner Ayers.jpg

#52, Danner Ayers

Senior; Tackle/Defensive Tackle

54, Kellen Ensley.jpg

#54, Kellen Ensley

Sophomore; Guard/Middle Linebacker

55, Koleson Dooley.jpg

#55, Koleson Dooley

Senior, Defensive End/Tackle

61, Donovin Hall.jpg

#61, Donovin Hall

Senior; Offensive/Defensive Lineman

62, Jonah Teesateskie.jpg

#62, Jonah Teesateskie

Junior; Tackle/Defensive Tackle

63, Avery Webster.jpg

#63, Avery Webster

Junior; Guard/Defensive Tackle

65, Ashton Lambert.jpg

#65, Ashton Lambert

Senior; Offensive/Defensive Lineman

66, Daegan Bird.jpg

#66, Daegan Bird

Junior; Offensive/Defensive Lineman

71, Tysen Greene.jpg

#71, Tysen Greene

Senior; Tackle/Defensive Tackle

72, Tytan Teesateskie.jpg

#72, Tytan Teesateskie

Junior; Tackle/Defensive Tackle

74, John Dominguez.jpg

#74, John Dominguez

Sophomore, Guard/Defensive Tackle

75, Carter McGuire.jpg

#75, Carter McGuire

Junior, Tackle/Nose Guard

76, Dane Daniels.jpg

#76, Dane Daniels

Sophomore; Tackle/Defensive Tackle

77, Owen Blevins.jpg

#77, Owen Blevins

Sophomore; Tackle/Defensive Tackle

80, Everett Taylor.jpg

#80, Everett Taylor

Sophomore; Wide Receiver/Defensive Back

88, Kasen Buchanan.jpg

#88, Kasen Buchanan

Sophomore; Tight End

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